Every conference has a purpose, a theme, and a heart. It’s what makes one conference unique from another. It’s what attracts one person yet offends another. Our purpose, theme, and heart are bold and unashamedly based on the gospel of Christ.

Purpose: To empower, encourage, and equip parents and ministry leaders in the spiritual rearing of children.
Theme: Raising Up Gospel-Loving Kids in a Gospel-Hating Culture.
Heart: Transformation.


When I came upon our theme a few months back, my entire being said “I want that!” I want my kids to love the gospel despite any elements of culture that seek to drive a wedge between my kids and scriptural truth. But how do I do that? How do I teach my kids to show love, compassion, and grace to others, while still teaching the truths of Scripture that are juxtaposed to our North American culture?

Really, there is no easy answer. Life and culture are complicated. North American culture likes Jesus, but recoils at the message of salvation. But our lives need Jesus’ salvation.

God calls us as Christian parents and pastors to teach, train, guide, discipline, and love our children. God’s love must permeate these actions and become the catalyst to godly parenting, wise pastoring, and ultimately transformation.

Join us on April 15/16, 2016 as we together seek to Raise Up Gospel-Loving Kids in a Gospel-Hating Culture.

Nikki Lanigan, Conference Co-Director